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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Curtis Sliwa Mocks the Daily Worker

On New York 1's Inside City Hall show tonight, conservative talk show host Curtis Sliwa accused El Diario's Gerson Borrero of reading "the Daily Worker of Gus Hall." That was his retort when Borrero said he wouldn't miss the recently demised New York Sun, the rightwing daily founded in 2002.

I guess Sliwa, who is backing McCain for President, is stuck in a time warp. The Daily Worker has been gone for decades, replaced by the People's Weekly World, a critically acclaimed newspaper celebrated by broad sections of the democratic movement. Gus Hall, former chair of the Communist Party USA, passed away in 2000.

Sam Webb, the current national Chair of the CP, has recently written a series of articles on the current financial crisis.

I think I am going to send a copy of the PWW to both Sliwa and Borrero and ask them to subscribee, it might give them both some perspective on the struggles of working New Yorkers.

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