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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Final Preparations for Oct 27 Peace March in NYC

After months of preparation, the October 27 regional demonstrations called by United for Peace & Justice are just days away.

The New York State Communist Party has been actively involved at all levels. Almost every club has been involved in local mobilization and preparations. We have been working closely with our coalition partners and new friends. Party members have helped garner some of the large number of labor endorsements of the event as well as the mobilization of working-class organizations, churches, etc.

Now we are in the home stretch and we should do what we can in the next few days to help make the march and demonstration a big success, and build the Party and our press while we are at it.

Here are some things you and your club members and allies can do to help:
1) March with the Communist Party. Come join the Communist Party contingent in the march. We know many of you will be marching with your local unions or peace organizations, but we need a sizable and diverse group to march with our banner together with the New Jersey Communist Party.

Our contingent will be gathering on 22nd St between Broadway and Park Ave. at 12:00 Noon. Look for the red dove peace signs and the Party banner.

2) Help distribute the People’s Weekly World. We want to get out many copies of the PWW to marchers on Saturday and we need your help to do it. You can come to the paper drop sites on Saturday morning or bring papers to the feeder marches. Be sure and call Bill Davis at our office (212-924-0550) right away and let us know if you can help with the paper.

3) Make reminder calls to friends and family between now and Saturday. Remind everyone of the demonstration and the importance of having a big presence that represents the 70% of the public that is against the ongoing occupation of Iraq. You can also do some last minute leafleting at subway stops or help distribute posters. Send emails to friends and family too!

4) Help staff the Communist Party table at the Peace Fair. If you or someone in your club cannot walk the length of the march Saturday, consider helping us staff the Party’s table at the Peace Fair held in Foley Square. We need 2 or 3 volunteers. The table will be in operation from 1:00-5:30pm.
Saturday will be a very exciting event and it couldn’t be timelier. The urgency of ending the war in Iraq grows every day. The negative impact of the war on Iraqi civilians, U.S. soldiers and their families, and U.S cities is climbing daily. It is time for us to show the will of the majority.

Remember to check for last minute updates and information or to download the latest leaflet.

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